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Which eye are you seeing with?

Hebrews says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” The question was asked in a recent message; how can you and I see what faith sees with our natural eyes? The answer is simple, we cannot! Faith sees and has the evidence and then speaks to us. Faith tells us we are healed. We know God has already heard our prayers; however, when we do not see the evidence we begin to doubt. This is when I believe the enemy tries our faith in God.

It is my understanding that faith demands something of us. It demands of us trust in God. In order to demonstrate our trust our response should be one of praise. It tells God, “Yes, we believe You.” Our praise is the evidence that we do believe God’s word to us. When we tap into an atmosphere of praise, in spite of our current situations, we receive the answers to our prayers.

In essence, when we praise our focus shifts from the difficulty at hand to an expectation of God. Now we can begin to see our situations through the eyes of faith. No longer do we see through our natural eyes. Therefore, faith demands praise. As a result, we see what faith sees and are no longer limited by our natural eyes.

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