Ms. Carla

Great is thy FAITHFULNESS oh Lord!

There have been several messages preached at RCF that have affected my life. The word of God that I have received here is rich. As a result, it has performed a work in me. Most recently a message shared on (5/24/16 title) caused me to fall in love with God all over again. It said, “God purchased and redeemed you and I, Jesus loves us and it is a privilege being a Christian”. I am re-energized with the understanding that God loves me. His promises are true and He is indeed FAITHFULL! Now when I go through trials, I know I cannot let it distract me. My trials are not for me, but for those who are around me. My responses to and how I handle each trial will be a source of encouragement to others. I understand as one who is called out, set apart and anointed by God that God is in control even when things “look” totally out of control. I must trust and believe in Him. Leaning not on my own understanding, but being totally dependent on Him. I was extremely blessed by this message.